UGH Artist Services Selected to Design and Manufacture Dizzle’s New Album “Blurred Vision (Deluxe Edition)”

We had the chance of catching up with Enid, Oklahoma Underground Hustler Dizzle while he was prepping for his US tour with Scum and Insane Poetry starting in November. We had a great chat about music, UGH and his near death experience. You can preorder the release right now by …

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Intrinzik – Real Time Music Video featuring Kutt Calhoun Cameo

Underground Hustlin’ facilitator Intrinzik released a brand new video for the title track to the upcoming Real Time album yesterday (9/11/13). “Real …

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CES Cru wants YOU to submit your hottest track to UGH48!

CES Cru to host Propaganda Style UGH48. What Will You Stand For?

When Kutt Calhoun stopped by the UGH Studio to do his drops for UGH45, I had the honor of working with our …

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UGH47 Taking Lives Cypher/Something Awful Update

As you may have heard, Underground Hustlin’ has teamed up with Bizarre of D12 (host of UGH33) and his right-hand man Fury …

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The longest UGH collab to date! 16 artists and over 7 mins long. Check out "Hustle Til You Die" NOW!

Celebrate the Release of Underground Hustlin’ Super Collab Track – “Hustle Til You Die” with Charm + Chain Blow Out! UGH46 Preview!

UGH facilitator Intrinzik hooks up with 15 of his closest homies for the UGH collab of the century to appear on UGH46 …

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"The Modern Day Ice Cream Man" featured in first UGH Playing Card Deck

Rapper/Comedian Chuck E Lee Celebrates The Release Of His UGH Action Figure And Artist Profile With A Bang!

Earlier this morning I sat down for some coffee, croissants and cross-fire with my buddy rapper/comedian Chuck E Lee. Before he set …

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UGH 37 Host Necro Releases #1 of 6 New Videos.

UGH37 Host Necro Drops New Sexorcist Video!

Underground Hustlin’ volume 37 host Necro has created an enterprise from the ground up using his own money, making his own mistakes, …

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Underground Hustler Justinsayne N8V Shares His Message With The World On The F.O.C.U.S. Group Podcast!

Justinsayne N8V Appears On The F.O.C.U.S. Group Podcast!

  I first found out about Oregon’s Justinsayne N8V back when I mixed the song “Pushing Up Daisies” featuring T.H.C. and HRH Avira …

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Throwback Thursday – Esham hosts UGH25

What’s up, Hustlers? It’s McNastee, and in the honor or infamy of Throwback Thursday (although I prefer Way-back Wednesday), I want to …

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Win This DJ Clay Action Figure With Your Submission To UGH46!

Psychopathic Records DJ Clay Hosts UGH46! 3D Clay-Made Action Figures, UGH Artist Profiles, and Awwww Yeaaa Tees Available!

Awwwwww Yeaaaaaaaa! You heard it! Psychopathic Records very own DJ Clay will be hosting the next volume of the longest running compilation …

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